Here are some ways to style beaded jewelry.

Style Your Outfit with a Blue Beaded Necklace

We all know that blue is the color of peace and calmness. Many people wear blue to relieve stress, and anxiety. Therefore, if you’re looking to add some color to your outfit and want to give off a chill, cool vibe, a blue beaded necklace is the perfect choice.

If you’re wearing a monochrome outfit, like black or white, opt for a beaded necklace in a darker blue shade. However, while pairing a beaded necklace with a patterned or printed outfit, necklaces with light blue or aquamarine beads would be a better choice.

Opt for Red Beaded Earrings

Do you want to make a statement at your next gathering? We have just the right jewelry idea for you. Red represents passion, love, power, and energy—and if you want to come across as a powerful, passionate person, let a pair of red beaded earrings do all the talking.

Wear a simple outfit to draw attention to your red beaded earrings and add color to your outfit in style. You can always wear red lipstick to complement your red beaded earrings.

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Green Beaded Bracelet

The green color represents the concepts of renewal and prosperity. Therefore, if you want to make a Taylor Swift’s ‘But I come back stronger than a 90’s trend’-themed appearance at a gathering, green is the color for you.

Keep your clothes and makeup simple to let your green beaded bracelet shine.


By wearing beaded jewelry in different colors, you can add color to your overall persona and outfits and let your jewelry talk! At SWCreations, we have a handmade beaded jewelry collection, where you can find different beaded jewelry in various colors, shades, and designs. Moreover, we have a discount going on, where you can use the code SUMMER2022 to get 15% off while placing an orderon our handmade jewelry website.


What are you waiting for? Purchase stylish beaded jewelry, and get ready to add color to your outfits.


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