An engagement ring is more than just a symbol of love. It is also an investment. Hence, buying one requires meticulous thought.  

Whether couples are buying the ring together or the guy is picking one as a surprise to the woman he wants to marry, it is crucial to look at the trends.

Read on as I walk you through some of the best 2023 engagement ring trends. From the cut to the material, styles change year after year, and you must be able to keep up!

Photo by Alexandra Gornago on Unsplash

Photo by Alexandra Gornago on Unsplash

Watch Out for These 10 Engagement Ring Trends

Being aware of the top jewelry trends is crucial when shopping for an engagement ring. It can provide guidance on the best styles and materials to pick. Below are some of the trends to keep an eye on.

1.     Two Stones Are Better Than One

A single stone in a simple setting looks elegant. Nonetheless, engagement rings these days are going beyond modest designs. We expect to see more rings with two stones!  

From Megan Fox to Ariana Grande, we have seen many celebrities wearing two-stone engagement rings in recent years.

More than just its aesthetics, having two stones in a ring is also symbolic. Depending on its design, it can be a representation of two people coming together.

2.     Going Green

Ethical jewelry is another trend we can see in engagement rings this 2023. More and more couples are going green, even when it comes to jewelry. It necessitates the need to choose rings using sustainable materials and made through fair labor.

Photo by Kimberly Fowler on Unsplash

Photo by Kimberly Fowler on Unsplash

Moissanite and lab-grown diamonds are two of the best materials for eco-friendly engagement rings. As you compare moissanite vs lab-grown diamonds, you will see that they both look almost the same. However, lab-grown diamonds are closer to the properties of natural-mined diamonds.


3.     Go Against the Grain

Diamond has always been the default choice when it comes to engagement rings. Yes, it is a safe bet, but don’t you want to be unconventional? This 2023, more and more people are going offbeat.

Consider a wide array of colorful gemstones that will make engagement rings eclectic, especially for would-be brides with fun personalities. Emerald is one of the best gemstones to consider. Rubies are also notable, as well as amethyst, turquoise, sapphire, and morganite. Make it more special by finding a ring that corresponds to the bride’s birthstone.

4.     Vintage Is In

Vintage finds have taken over the fashion industry in recent years, and you can see this trend even in the market for engagement rings. An heirloom piece is beautiful, special, and meaningful, which is surely appreciated by most brides.

Even for those who do not have a family heirloom, many jewelers are offering vintage rings. They are timeless choices!

5.     Getting Chunky

Speaking of vintage engagement rings, we will also be seeing chunky designs taking center stage. From signet to flush mount, chunkier twisting and curving styles will be more apparent.

As for the material, chunky rings will look good in polished yellow gold settings. They will give the ring a more classic look compared to other materials like platinum or white gold.

6.     The Continued Rise of the Oval Cut

The bigger the stone, the better the engagement ring. Some people would rather have a single stone in a ring, but they want it to be grand. One of the best ways to make it scream luxe is to choose an oval cut, which has been continuously gaining popularity in recent years.  

If you are looking for an oval-cut engagement ring, emphasis should be on quality over size. It is large, so it is a given that it is a high-carat. Nonetheless, it won’t look good if it has many flaws or blemishes. Choose one that shines!

7.     Moving to Moval

While we expect oval to be a big thing, there is another cut you might want to keep an eye on—moval. It is a play of words that combine marquise and oval, a distinct cut that merges two popular designs.

It is a very rare cut, and hence, it is difficult to find. As a result, you will be paying more premium per carat, which makes the ring special. It also increases the long-term value of the ring, especially if you choose a high-end stone.

8.     Being Simple With Bands

Most of the trends mentioned above are about getting grand. For those who like it simple without losing allure, engagement bands are great! The designs are more reminiscent of wedding rings instead of engagement rings.

Instead of having a prominent stone as the focal point, why not surround the band with multiple stones? This will create an understated but cool aesthetic. You can also choose to have a diamond as the center stone and surround the band with smaller stones with colors, such as emerald or ruby.

9.     Make It an Investment

When shopping for an engagement ring in 2023, be more practical. Go beyond what is beautiful or trendy. Instead, think of classic pieces that will hold value in the long term.

Think of the ring as an investment. You can make money by investing in gems. In the future, your engagement ring will also become an heirloom piece, so it is good to find one with a value that continuously appreciates.

10.  Shopping Together

In the past, engagement rings were often a surprise to the would-be bride. Today, however, we are seeing a trend towards picking a ring together. After all, the lady will be the one wearing the ring, so she must have a say on what it should be.

It may not be too romantic but for most couples, it is the best way to go. It is her finger that will be carrying the ring every day, so she must be happy with how it looks on her hand.

Final Thoughts 

From grand two-stone designs to conscious choices, 2023 will see a wide array of engagement ring trends! At the end of the day, however, these trends are mere guides. They should not solely dictate what you will be looking for in an engagement ring. What truly matters is to pick the one you are happy with!


Article by Sofia Andrews

December 31, 2022 — Stephanie White

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