Interest in heart jewelry will certainly increase now that Lady Gaga received a ring with a heart-shaped diamond worth approximately $500,000 on Valentine’s Day when her three-year boyfriend, Taylor Kinney of the television show “Chicago Fire”, romantically “gave her his heart” and proposed to her. They have dated since 2011 when they met on the set of Gaga’s “You and I” music video.

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In addition to the perfect symmetrical stone that had to be well-cut from a raw larger stone using advanced diamond cutting instruments, Lady Gaga’s sparkler is of impeccable and brilliant clarity with perfect width and balance. The exceedingly rare diamond appears to be about 10 carats and is extremely valuable because there are less than 20 heart diamonds between nine and twelve carats on the wholesale market.

She joins others in history who had heart-shaped rings. One account is of Mary Queen of Scots sending Queen Elizabeth such a ring in 1562, and for hundreds of years, royalty sent these symbols of friendship and goodwill to other royalty.

Another interesting story regarding heart jewelry is the search by Dotty Stringfield for the background of a “Hedy” or “H” within a heart that was used as a signature on some pieces. She tracked down a grandson of Harry D. Hedison, Sr., the Armenian founder of Hedison Manufacturing Company in 1909. The grandson was pleased that jewelry collectors showed an interest in the jewelry that his family’s company created.

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The company operated as a manufacturer and plater of costume, precious and gold-filled jewelry for their own and other companies. Sometimes only the boxes carried the company’s marks and the jewelry inside was unmarked. They were also jewelry exporters and importers.

Arlene Francis, of Armenian ancestry, wore a heart-shaped pendant with rhinestones made by Hedison on the television show “What’s My Line”.

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February 14, 2015 — SWCreations Jewelry

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