Human beings have been giving gifts of handcrafted jewelry since the urge to adorn our bodies with beautiful things first appeared. Lovers have gifted each other to seal their bonds. Families have exchanged beautiful trinkets to remind each other of home during travels. Friends have created works of wearable art that express appreciation for each other's individual spark. The meaning woven into these sparkling bits of loveliness is what makes them so perfect.

Purchasing handmade jewelry items is a wonderful way to share your feelings for a loved one without making the item yourself. Talented artisans create a wide variety of unique pieces. With a little time, you are sure to find just the right gift to showcase the special flare that only your intended recipient has.

love with handcrafted jewelry

Are you searching for a striking piece that highlights your cousin’s bold nature? Consider a statement piece created in a dramatic style of bright colors. Large pendants can highlight your loved ones' free-spirited, flowing nature of their confidently structured mentality. The right piece will be sure to turn heads whether worn with a fancy party dress or a striking combination of sweater and leggings.

Your best friend’s love of buttons has been a theme in your relationship since you have known her. She even has a jar of them sitting in a place of honor on her desk. Show her that you really understand her with a brooch or cuff bracelet made with antique buttons so she can share her passion wherever she goes.

Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness. Any jewelry made with rose quartz hearts is a lovely way to celebrate your mother’s win against the horrible disease. The heart shape represents the amazing love and supports you will always have for her. Plus, since each quartz stone is unique, the piece you choose is sure to be one of a kind just like her.

You have always loved how she tucks her hair behind her ear. It was one of the reasons you fell so hard for her when you met. Giving your love a pair of well-chosen earrings in her favorite color will be just the thing to highlight her endearing habit and remind her of your love throughout the day.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, let us help. Contact us for just the right piece this holiday season or for those “just because” urges to share your love.

February 13, 2015 — SWCreations Jewelry

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