Storing jewelry can often be difficult. Necklaces can get tangled and earrings often lose their match. And there is also the problem of space. Sometimes you just don’t have a big enough jewelry box or enough drawer space. Below are some creative and crafty ways you can store and display your handmade jewelry!

If your jewelry is sterling silver, storing in out in the open on some of these crafty displays may not be the best idea. Simply exposing sterling silver jewelry to air will speed up the tarnishing process. Sterling silver jewelry is often best stored in plastic bags with an anti-tarnish strip. You can also store it in a closed chest or inside a jewelry armoire. You can learn more about why sterling silver jewelry tarnishes in this post. 

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Wooden utensil organizers


Take a wooden utensil organizer and add a few hooks and you’ve got the perfect jewelry storage box. You can place it in a drawer, lay it on the dresser or even mount it to the wall with additional hooks. A plastic utensil holder could work, but the wooden ones are more durable and sturdier.


Corkboards make creative jewelry display boards. Additionally, you can go with the traditional corkboard, or you can decorate it with ribbons, decorative paper, and more to make it fancy. You can use push pins to hang necklaces, bracelets, anklets and hoop earrings, and pin earrings straight into the board.


Upcycled old dishes and make a tiered stand

You can take older dishes and upcycled them by repainting them and creating a tier to store earrings, rings, and bracelets on. This type of storage is perfect for the jewelry you wear more frequently because you can display the tier on your dresser or somewhere in your bedroom or bathroom and be able to get to your favorite jewelry more quickly.

Picture frames

Picture frames are perfect for storing earrings. You can also add pushpins to the cardboard to display necklaces, bracelets, or anklets. All you need to do is take out the glass. Most picture frames come with a cardboard insert and you can use that. Or, if you want to be creative you can cut and measure your own piece of cork or foam, cover it in decorative fabric and you’ve turned a simple picture frame into a cute jewelry display.

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