Surrounding yourself with items that are reputed to lend themselves to improving your health is always a good practice, especially during stressful times. Fortunately, there are a number of gemstones and minerals that are thought to have beneficial healing properties. Read on to learn which ones can help you the most and what uses they can be applied to, as well as examples of which types of our handmade jewelry items best utilize their healing properties.

Rose quartz

rose quartz jewelry

Rose quartz is considered to be one of the most potent healing stones due to its ability to channel feelings of love and peace. This may make it seem best applicable to situations of heartache and loss, but any time the body is receiving calming energy that puts it into a calmer state it is more capable of coping with any psychological or emotional stress.

Depending on the level of calm that you seek, we have a variety of rose quartz pieces that could suit your needs. Choose a necklace with several stones to have the soothing effect surround your throat chakra. Alternatively, a bracelet or anklet that has the stones pressed against your skin will provide ongoing calming effects.


garnet gemstone jewelry

Garnet is considered another potent healing gemstone. It is said to possess the ability to cleanse the body of negative, toxic energies and replenish overall positivity and energy. Therefore, if you’re feeling run down and in need of a boost (including to overcome an illness), consider investing in garnet. For the best energizing effect, this stone should be worn near the heart.

We have several garnet necklaces available that will extend near the heart and throat to exude energy and chase away the lethargy that illnesses feed on.


pearl jewelry

Although pearls are not technically a gemstone, they were formed in freshwater, pearls have long been believed to have healing properties that extend to the entire body in ancient Chinese traditions. Softly iridescent and pure, pearls have been used to treat skin conditions, heart conditions, fertility conditions, and digestive issues. Wearing pearls is said to produce feelings of happiness and joy, both of which lend to a better physical state.

We have a large selection of pearl jewelry available, including anklets and necklaces that will keep the mood-restoring properties of pearl close to your skin.

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