Anklets are feminine leg accessories worn by women in various traditions and cultures around the world. Although the 1950s saw the rise in popularity of Anklets in America, the first anklet is around 8,000 years old. From ancient Egypt, to The Middle East and India, anklets are worn for various reasons, including as fashion accessories, a way to showcase wealth and to announce courtship and so forth.

history of anklets

Today, anklets are popular among celebrities like Rachel Roy, Rihanna, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Keagan and Celine Dion. Recent celebrity ankle bracelets date back to the 90s, so you can pull off a classic look. New designs and materials also ensure limitless options that complement modern fashion. But how do you wear anklets?

Types of Anklets

Before exploring how to match your style using these fashionable accessories, here's a brief look at the common types of anklets you will encounter:

Gold Anklets

Gold and gold-plated anklets often feature diamond, gemstones and other precious metals. They are thin, single/double chains popular among celebrities. Gold and diamond anklets are the most expensive options. You could opt for a less expensive option by using 22k gold-plated Swarovski crystals.

rose gold anklet

Silver Ankle Bracelets

Silver anklets suit those seeking bohemian designs and feature glass beads, precious gemstones and Swarovski. Silver anklets are simple and easy to match with classic and modern styles. One thing to note is that sterling silver is not exactly "pool friendly" since the chlorine will tarnish it quickly. You may be happy with some less expensive silver-plated anklets instead. 

Beaded Anklets

Bearded anklets are less expensive compared to gold and diamond anklets. However, they come in stunning designs that may feature high quality gemstones, sterling silver, Swarovski and pearls among others. You can also find beaded anklets with silver and gold plating.

gemstone anklets

Barefoot Ankle Bracelets

Popular in India and The Middle East, barefoot anklets feature a thin bracelet worn around the ankle. It stretches to your footbridge and includes a toe ring, so when you wear them, the anklet looks like a barefoot sandal.

Charm Ankle Bracelets

As the name suggests, these anklets feature charms, letters, numbers, and elements with esoteric meaning. They are very fashionable and feminine, often worn for seduction.

How To Wear Anklets Like A Celebrity

Many female stars walk the red carpet adorned with some of the most expensive ankle bracelets. If you wonder why anklets look stunning on some celebrities, well, it's all about choosing the right match for the style you are going for. There are numerous designs and custom ankle bracelets you can purchase, so finding what works shouldn't be a daunting task. Here are three ways to match your outfits with anklets:

amethyst anklet

Choose Sterling Silver or Swarovski Crystals for A Classic Look

Silver and Swarovski crystals offer the perfect materials if you are going for the classic 90s look. You can incorporate other gemstones, but the goal is to keep your anklet thin, providing a subtle accent to your outfits. Silver will work for any classic style.

Choose Gold for Bold Solid Color Outfits

Most celebrities will remember this look from the Zimmerman Fall/Winter runway of 2019. It features a thick gold bracelet layered on top of extra thin tights. It matches well with solid color outfits, such as a black dress and heels. You could also go with a simple black pearl anklet with a bold pink like in this jade anklet.

black pearl anklet

Wear Multicolored Anklets for An Off-Duty Casual Look

Multicolored bead anklets are perfect for casual outfits, such as shorts, mini-skirts and apparel you would generally wear to the beach or park. You can use any material, including diamond and gemstones, as long as you have them in different colors. You could go with a black and white anklet with a splash of color that coordinates with your outfit.

color pop anklet

Final Words

There are no rules to wearing anklets, so you should find a match for your style. Whether you choose to match delicate anklets with pointed shoes or go for cuffed anklets on medium-sized heels is your choice. If you follow the three guidelines above, you should pull a stunning look with your anklets.

August 03, 2020 — SWCreations Jewelry

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