How to Choose a Handbag to Charm Your Look
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Handbags are very essential especially for women. If you opt to buy a handbag, you should understand that your appearance is at stake when it comes to showing off your handbag. Therefore before buying, you should consider some points that will help you choose the one that will complement your body shape and your outfit. Remember not all purses fit every person’s appearance as well as outfit.

When you are shopping for a handbag, consider removing some options from your favorite handbag list, this can make your work easier when narrowing down your choices. There is a general rule when choosing handbags:

Choose Handbags with lines that contrast with your own body shape. The contrastingly shaped handbags will balance your overall body instead attracting all the attention by strengthening the shape in your overall appearance.

Your choice should reflect your size. It is obviously inappropriate when a large person carries a small handbag and a small person carries a big handbag. These are the most common result when you don’t have an idea on how to balance your appearance to your accessory. Both of these cases doesn’t complement each type of appearances where the tall or large person should carry the large one and the small person should carry the small one also.

However, if in case a small person will need to have a more handbag space, a tote style or long clutch is perfect. A low-slung tote with long shoulder handle can add height to short or small person’s appearance, while a tall, thin person can choose handbags with round shapes. They can choose large hobo or slouch style bags.

If your body is curvy or straight lined. It is more appropriate to choose a handbag with a shape that contrast with your body type. For curvy body type, you should pick a sleek shape to make a contrasting appeal between you and your handbag. For example, a pear shaped lady will call attention to her shape with a round handbag while it should be a rectangular medium-sized structured bag. A round-shaped short lady should choose a longer hand clutch with structure or a long handled tall tote that hung from the shoulder. You also consider the shape of the wardrobe you wear when you shop. If it is for a certain purpose, for a special event for instance, think of the shape of the dress that you will be wearing as well.

A short handled purse that rest at the armpit can emphasize the bust line. If you have a large bust lines, avoid using the short handled purse, instead choose a purse with long straps. Trim waists are complemented by purses that are held at waist level by long straps.

When you look for handbags, it is important to consider several factors that can help you choose the one that will balance with your appearance. You can select purses that will complement your body shape as well as your outfit by following some simple tricks. Today, you can find a variety of choices which not only fits your body but also your style. You can find great choices, the hottest trend today are customized purses like personalized totes, evening bags, and even customized sports bags.

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