Every year, over 200 000 women in the U.S are diagnosed with breast cancer. With these devastating numbers, it's no wonder why awareness initiatives have become a powerful agenda among health organizations and major corporations across North America. As donations are the key force in fueling breast cancer research and treatment facilities, we are seeing countless cosmetic companies, fashion labels, and celebrities promoting awareness campaigns to support this movement. As these fundraising initiatives rise to the forefront of more fashion and cosmetic labels, women are encouraged to evoke solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

breast cancer awareness jewelry

Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry

As a dedicated supporter of breast cancer awareness, SWCreations offers a special line of handmade jewelry featuring pink ribbon symbols. This line reveals a series of elegant rose beaded bracelets, representing a firm bond of philanthropy, fashion and unity. A charming piece in this line is the Pink Pearl Lampwork Beaded Bracelet. This delightful piece features soft pink pearls between sterling silver flowerets and glass beads revealing the breast cancer symbol. By wearing this piece, you are signaling your support for breast cancer awareness, while encouraging others to participate in the cause.

Another popular addition is the Crystal Pink Ribbon bracelet, a more lavish and glittery piece. Featuring white crystals and a sterling silver heart clasp, this charming bracelet is the perfect way to show your support. You can also match this piece with the breast cancer awareness earrings. Designed in the elegant drop style, these earrings make the ideal accessory for chic evenings out or formal occasions.

Women also appreciate that each piece is carefully hand-crafted, so there is genuine love and care infused into every individual piece. Ultimately, you are not just wearing beautiful jewelry, but you are joining a larger initiative, the fight to end breast cancer. 

Why Pink Ribbons?

The Pink Ribbon campaign began in 1991 when the Susan G.Komen Foundation handed out pink ribbons for people who participated in the New York City race for breast cancer survivors. As the color pink traditionally signifies femininity, beauty, and cooperation, people have embraced it as the official trademark color for the breast cancer movement. Additionally, this symbol represents the generosity and goodness of people and businesses who openly support breast cancer initiatives. As a result, when wearing this color or pink ribbons, in particular, the wearer is promoting the cause, expressing their moral support for women with breast cancer.

Ultimately, wearing pink ribbon apparel or jewelry means you are representing a collective hope for the future. We should all continue to participate in this vital movement to evoke uniformity in the fight against Breast Cancer and encourage fundraising. You may know someone, an acquaintance, a friend or a family member who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. While we can offer our love and emotional support, we can also address this issue by offering donations or purchasing makeup and accessories from companies that support breast cancer research. As a result, we can work together as a firm female unit to put an end this plight. 

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February 22, 2014 — Rachel Anderson

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