For centuries gemstones of all types have been said to hold mythical powers and healing energies. In fact, entire businesses were founded upon the belief of these healing properties which people have observed since ancient times. Today, many people may not believe in the healing powers of stones and other minerals, but they do believe the stones contain a certain natural 'force.' Whatever you believe, check out these five gemstones that are said to have some amazing health and wellness benefits.

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One of the most commonly seen precious stones in jewelry, Amethyst has been used and revered by many cultures for centuries. In fact, the ancient Greeks highly valued amethyst for the belief that the stone would protect its wearer from drunkenness or bad decisions. The name stems from the Greek words a- ("not") and methustos ("intoxicated.") Today, its abundance and beautiful varying hues of purple and violet make it a perfect stone for use in hand-made jewelry. In addition, its ancient Greek roots carry on today as many people believe wearing Amethyst can bring calmness, peace, balance, and patience.


Hematite is not actually a 'gem' in the traditional sense, nor is it really a stone. It is actually a metal compound, the mineral form of Iron Oxide. Its name comes from the Latin term for 'bloodstone,' due to the fact that when discovered naturally it is usually red with rust. Today, hematite is often seen as silvery/black polished stones and is believed to help ground the wearer. This means it makes it easier for them to make logical decisions. It is also commonly used to increase circulation, alleviate nerve problems, and relieve back pain.


Opal is also known as the birthstone of June. These stones come in a huge variety of colors and patterns; from the common waxy-white opal to a fiery red stone with glints of yellow and orange. In jewelry, they are often featured as a centerpiece but can also be drilled and tooled into beautiful beads. Wearing or carrying an opal is often said to bring creativity and spontaneity into one's life.


Turquoise is known as one of the oldest protection amulets. It was also used in many ancient cultures as a sign of wealth. Turquoise is said to be a symbol of friendship, and when given to someone as a gift it brings protection from negative energies to the wearer. It is also a highly personal and meaningful stone, as well as being one of the oldest known mineral formations. In addition to protection, turquoise is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. 

Lapis Lazuli

This stone was among the most highly prized tributes paid to Pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Not only was it a symbol of power and wealth, but it could also be ground down to make a highly sought-after shade of dye. Lapis is said to stimulate wisdom and good judgment and is also a family and friendship stone. It is said that a family all wearing or owning one of these stones can help their children thrive if they suffer from Asperger's, ADD, or autism spectrum disorder.

Even if you don't believe in the powers and forces of gemstones, they are a beautiful addition to any handmade jewelry. If you would like to see more or know more about the stones we use in our jewelry, feel free to contact us at our website.

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January 09, 2015 — Stephanie White

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