No wardrobe is complete without some colorful, exotic jewelry. Whether your tastes are more simple and understated or flashy and fiery, these jewelry designs will pique your interest. These four types of jewelry are trending right now and they can be coordinated nicely with all different outfits.

Button Pendants and Necklaces

button jewelry pendants

Button jewelry has never looked more fabulous. With all the boho-chic and hipster fashion out there, button jewelry is certainly a part of it. It is quaint, unique, and eclectic and there are so many ways to wear button jewelry. You could flash a gorgeous vintage button necklace since buttons make the best pendants anyway. The best part about this handmade jewelry is that it is a symbolic reminder to not allow anyone to push your buttons!

Lampwork Earrings

lampwork earrings

Sound familiar? You have probably seen them dominating the jewelry section of craft websites online. These are made with handmade glass lampwork beads and come in made different design styles and colors. Not only is the jewelry handcrafted, but the lampwork beads are made by hand which requires a great deal of care and finesse!

Bead Art Jewelry

bead art jewelry

For those of you with wild taste, your heart will sing at the sight of bead art jewelry. Bead art jewelry is comprised of different gems like topaz and crystal and will make you feel like a gypsy wearing them. Plus, the jewelry maker has spent time paying special attention to each one of these thousands of tiny beads. Nothing is mass-produced!

Awareness Jewelry

awareness jewelry

This might just be the best style of jewelry to wear because it is made with a purpose and can be worn with a purpose. When you buy this handcrafted jewelry you can wear it for Domestic Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, and MS Awareness. If you or anyone you know is affected by any of these things, these special jewelry designs are great things to flaunt.

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January 15, 2015 — SWCreations Jewelry

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