You love your gorgeous new anklet and with good reason - it looks stunning on you! In order to keep it looking that way, we've gathered some tips on caring for your favorite new piece of beaded jewelry.

How to Take Care of Your Handmade Anklet

We'll start this care guide with the things you shouldn't do since it's always better to prevent damage in the first place!

The Dont's:

  • Don't wear it around the ocean or a pool. Saltwater and chlorine will tarnish or even corrode the silver!
  • Wearing it in the shower or leaving it in the bathroom is an invitation to tarnish because of the moisture. 
  • There are lots of ideas available for homemade tarnish removers. Don't trust them! Toothpaste and baking soda are both abrasive enough to remove the coating, and the sparkle, from many Swarovski crystals. It's best to stick with a safe and trusted jewelry cleaner when it comes to your treasured beaded anklet.
  • Don't wear your jewelry while sleeping. The components we use aren't likely to catch on the bedding but if they do... disaster! You can prevent any possibility of your jewelry snapping while you sleep if you just don't wear it to bed.
  • Don't wear your anklet around puppies or kittens! The movement and sparkle are guaranteed to catch their attention and interest. That interest is quite likely to result in an accidental scratch or nip. They could also get a tiny tooth or toenail caught and broken. At the very least, your anklet is unlikely to survive unscathed!
  • If your anklet starts pinching while you walk, don't wear it until we can resize it for you. As durable as our anklets are, your ankle bone is stronger! In fact, it's easily strong enough to snap an anklet that's too tight.

The Dos:

  • Store your jewelry properly when you're not wearing it. Leaving it lying around just invites damage or loss. Keeping it in a protected place with the butterfly anti-tarnish strip that came with it will also help prevent ugly tarnish from ruining the shine.
  • If it does start to tarnish, use your jewelry cleaning cloth to gently rub away the dulling tarnish and restore the shine. An anti-tarnish cloth is included with any order over $50.
  • Always clean your jewelry before putting it away. This is especially important if it was exposed to saltwater, a chlorine pool, or even sunscreen or lotion.
  • It's possible that the beads in your anklet could become loose over time, especially if you wear it a lot. Don't despair! For a small charge, we will happily restring it for you. It will look and feel brand new again for even more wearing pleasure.

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