Beaded jewelry is often a one-of-a-kind piece that you treasure. Whether you're a crafter who creates your own pieces or you have acquired a collection of pieces made by others, it is necessary to know how to care for this type of jewelry. Beaded jewelry often has many components that make commercial cleaners too harsh for use. The way you store your beaded jewelry is also important. Proper cleaning and storage will maintain the life of your jewelry and keep it looking beautiful.

Safe Cleaning Tips for Beaded Jewelry

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Handcrafted bead jewelry may be made up of several different materials. It is not unusual for glass beads, pearls, and gemstones to be used together in one piece. A cleaning solution that is safe for sterling silver may not be approved for crystal beads. Immersion of beaded jewelry can create thread discoloration or cable rust that can stain the openings of beads. The following tips will help you keep your unique jewelry lustrous without dangerous chemicals that may ruin the finish.

  • Wooden beads can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Avoid moisture since wood is porous. While some furniture polishes are designed to be used on wood, beads may become discolored.
  • Glass and crystal beads must be cleaned without the use of ultrasonic cleaner because the stones will become dull. Wipe these stones with water and mild dish cleaner. Pieces should not be immersed, but gently wiped clean.
  • Pearls should be wiped with a damp cloth after wearing. For a more thorough cleaning, you can dip a soft cloth in water combined with mild dish soap and gently wipe each pearl. This must be followed with a clean damp cloth to remove soap residue. Freshwater pearls cannot be dipped into jewelry cleaning solutions, but Swarovski crystal pearls can be dipped.
  • Semi-precious stones should be wiped with a damp cloth and mild dish soap. These pieces should be cleaned regularly to avoid buildup as commercial dips will remove the bead's coating.

Storing Your Beaded Jewelry

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Throwing your beaded jewelry together in a box or drawer can cause tarnish and wear. Properly stored jewelry will stay beautiful for years to come. Preserve your beaded jewelry with the following storage tips.

  • If your piece is composed of special metals like sterling silver, it should be stored with anti-tarnish paper.
  • Avoid storing all pieces together to prevent tangling and surface wear from beads rubbing against each other. Instead, store them in separate boxes or hang each piece alone.
  • Avoid heat and moisture by storing your beaded jewelry away from direct sunlight in a room that won't become overheated.

Proper care is the best way to keep your jewelry beautiful and preserve its quality. For more information on how to care for beaded jewelry, or to see our unique collection, visit our collection.



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