The arrival of fall heralds the decline of brightness and cool colors to make way for styles that are both darker and warmer. It's November now, meaning that autumn weather is in full effect, leaves have become a pleasant swirl of red, orange, and gold, and we're savoring the taste of pumpkin spice treats while we can. For those of us in the north, it's a time of change and transition, emblemized by the changing colors and temperature around us. It's a time for festivities and fashions of a particular mood exclusive to the season.


Fall Colors & Trends

Referring to our color wheels, fall tends to embellish the warmest side of the spectrum. This would be the colors between dark yellow and purple. Apart from blending nicely with the color of autumn leaves, they evoke a warmth and inner passion that invite you in from the gradually declining temperature. Dark blues, purples, and greens can work well too, fitting in nicely alongside the warmer hues and hinting at the colder months to come. 

fall lampwork bracelet

Working with fall colors is a fantastic experience for a jewelry creator, allowing the chance to blend styles and hues that embellish the overall mood of the season. For example, this mystic topaz crystal bracelet has a darker luster that fits well with the graying skies and chilly air. 

For another example, these red opal Czech glass earrings combine lovely dark red windowed glass beads with cream-colored Swarovski crystals and bright sterling silver. It's a lovely arrangement for embellishing the darker, more subdued feeling of autumn in a way that's also subtly radiant.

topaz lampwork earrings


Autumn Fashions, Both Dim & Bright

Whether you're shopping for a new sweater, dress, or jewelry, the fall season evokes a feeling simultaneously somber and welcoming, diminished but still beautifully illumined. For handcrafted fall jewelry that speaks uniquely to your individual tastes, be sure to check out my catalog and contact me here with any questions or concerns. 

Have a lovely November!

November 11, 2019 — SWCreations Jewelry