Fall is a season of rich colors and vibrant hues. Just ask the thousands who book New England's famous autumn leaf tours! Those iconic colors of autumn's natural splendor are reflected in our wardrobe choices for fall and even winter.

A Palette of Bold Colors

According to Pantene, the fall and winter trends will consist of riffs on the four classic neutrals.

Vanilla Custard

This rich, creamy take on classic white reminds us of pearls. 

pantone - vanilla custard

Evening Blue

As deep a blue as the winter sky, Evening Blue is just as tranquil. We are reminded of the deepest blue sapphires.  

pantone - evening blue


An elegantly classy gray, Paloma is as quiet and unpretentious as grayish moonstones. 

pantone - paloma


This green is as rich as its edible namesake. Green serpentine comes to mind when looking at this Pantene fall color.

pantone - guacamole

Other colors that are trending for fall and winter:

  • Spicy Chili Pepper is as red as a fine ruby or, yes, chile peppers!
  • Boldly dark Biking Red is reminiscent of a deep red carnelian.
  • Warmly flattering Peach Pink is as subtly beautiful as an orange tourmaline gemstone. 
  • Extroverted Fruit Dove pink is as bright as these hot pink gemstones!
  • Soft and delicate Crème de Pêche is as subtle as a pale pink pearl.
  • Fearless Orange Tiger is the same color as that big cat's stripes or stunning orange fire opals.
  • Richly appetizing Dark Cheddar reminds us of that delicious cheese or an orange carnelian.  
  • Sweet Sugar Almond is similar to golden brown enstatite
  • Earthy Rocky Road is like a brown scapolite gemstone.
  • Traditional forest green Eden looks just like green aventurine.
  • Quietly sedate Bluestone is similar to rare blue smithsonite gemstones.
  • Galaxy Blue is evocative of rare and elusive blue spinel.

pantone - fal color trends

These colors may be representative of the range of colors present in a pile of autumn leaves but they are also as unique as each one of those individual leaves. They are confident and assertive without a trace of meekness. Calm and sedate, sophisticated and worldly, or strikingly unique, there's a fall and winter palette that's perfect for you

Enhancing Your Fall Wardrobe Palette

The proper accessories can enhance an outfit and even increase your confidence while wearing it. Whether it's tastefully elegant or boldly assertive, the right piece of jewelry can bring an outfit together like nothing else. It's like the cherry on top of a sundae - an outfit simply isn't complete without coordinating jewelry! 

tourmaline gemstone bracelet

If you would like the perfect accent pieces for your favorite fall and winter outfits, contact us. We handcraft all of our gorgeous beaded jewelry and have stunning pieces that would perfectly complement many of the seasons' color trends.  

October 08, 2019 — SWCreations Jewelry