These bead turned our really interesting and have a bit of an earthy fall look. These were created by mixing glass and frit and pulling it into a stringer. Then when they were applied to the bead, they create an interesting twist with gold aventurine shimmer. The gold aventurine really shows up nicely and you can even see it in the static pictures.

The stringer was made with a dark amethyst core with gold aventurine, raku jitterbug, and white and dark ivory lines. 

twisted shimmer lampwork beads

This stringer application appeared to work well on any base colored glass. Transparent amethyst, dark ivory, green avocado, clear, black, camouflage, yellow opal, and black DH oracle. This looked great over all the base colors I tried. The black base and amethyst really made the lines pop. The lighter colors just created a slightly softer effect. 

twisted shimmer lampwork beads


October 17, 2022 — Stephanie White

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