The beads were crafted using Double Helix Oracle Pink Pastel and a trial batch of pink glass. Introducing Reichenbach Heliotrope over a white base produced a striking fuchsia pink hue. Witnessing the reactions that Reichenbach triggers over the glass is truly astounding, resulting in vivid and captivating colors.

petal pink lampwork beads

In creating the lavender-pink swirl beads, I incorporated white frit into a test batch of Flora. The combination resulted in a pleasing harmony of colors. The infusion of white within the Flora significantly enhanced the pink, lending it a striking opacity. Exploring this effect has inspired me to experiment with adding white to various other transparent colors.

petal pink lampwork beads

At any rate, these colors really look lovely together and this will be a lampwork bead set that will be worth making again. 

January 07, 2024 — Stephanie White

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