Last week, my new Double Helix light pink glass colors arrived. The transparent one is a test batch BGX-894 and the opaque is Oracle Pink Pastel. These colors are technical colors and are not striking or reducing. These colors did not disappoint. They melted very nicely as expected when using Double Helix glass. There was no bubbling and shocking when making these beads. Really just a no fuss pink which is not usually the case with Effetre and CIM pinks. 

double helix glass pinks

In the transparent beads, the bubbles do not show to the naked eye as much as you see them in this enlarged photo. The Oracle Pink Pastel is slightly translucent and remind me a little of their opal glass colors. These are both really nice shades of pink too. They have done a great job with their pinks and purple glass colors.

pink double helix glass beads

These colors looks really nice in my floral bead. I started with a black base with some green frit. Added Oracle Pink Pastel as my base glass in the first layer of petals and pink transparent on top. In the second set of petals, I used white with pink transparent on top. One thing I noticed is the Oracle Pink pastel is not quite opaque over black and creates a ghostly petal. This is one reason why I decided to use white on my second set of petals. The petals look nice together. 

double helix pink glass beads

Hopefully they will keep producing the Oracle Pink Pastel and keep it in stock. It is a color that I plan to use in future beads.

November 15, 2023 — Stephanie White

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