September is a month to remember, the Sapphire the birthstone for September is admired for its great beauty.  The Sapphire birthstone offers such a gorgeous variety of color hues; from deep ocean-blues to several shades of orange/pink, pink to almost a red (red is Ruby), white and black.  This birthstone has been known for centuries as symbolic for courage, strength and hope.  The Sapphire is also known to calm, pacify anger and protect the bearer from any possible danger.

sapphire gemstones

The Sapphire, for centuries was a favorite among royals, worn by kings and queens to protect them from envy, and to bring forth good fortune and power.  The Sapphire, September’s birthstone was believed to be observed as a symbol of truth, honesty and allegiance. This precious birthstone is among the favorites due to its deep history.  Priests and scholars believed that the Sapphire gemstone had specific advantages that could be used to benefit man, only if the power was properly harnessed.  Since before the Middle Ages, Sapphires have been used by magicians; known to heal the sick, used in medieval sciences and astrological premonitions.

The Sapphire gemstone has a magical appearance as you look into its shining star like glow.  September’s Sapphire birthstone quality is revealed by its fine, needle like inclusions that give this gemstone its velvety appeal.  One of the largest, most well known Sapphires is a 543 carat Sapphire known as the “Star of India”.  This gemstone is owned by the Morgan-Tiffany Collection and resides at the American Museum of Natural History in “The Big Apple” New York City.

While the Morgan-Tiffany Collection may have one of the largest Sapphires in the world, We offers a collection of Sapphire beaded jewelry that will make you or your loved one feel rich and rewarded.  This collection offers handmade necklaces, bracelets, anklets or earring sets adorned with Sapphire gemstones and/or Sapphire colored crystals.  This jewelry was designed and created to offer you a unique look, setting you apart from mainstream society while offering you a one of a kind piece of art.

As an accomplished contemporary designer and published Artisan in the 21st century, Stephanie A. White, Owner of SWCreations offers her talents using a mosaic of colors and designs unique to her own taste.  As an artisan her original styling intensifies an image of power and strength.  Creating and contributing to an abundant amount of charm and sophistication, Ms. White adorns her artful jewelry with multiple gemstones including the beautiful and rare Sapphire – September’s Birthstone.


September 01, 2012 — SWCreations Jewelry