"Opal October’s Birthstone

October's birthstone for centuries was considered to be none other than the Tourmaline gemstone. But, Tourmaline was known more in medieval times to be the desired birthstone of October.  Now in modern time, starting at or around the 18thcentury, the Opal gemstone has gained in popularity and is now referred to as October’s beloved birthstone. October’s gemstone, the Opal embodies beauty and strength, along with a rich history and multiple colors variations with an iridescent effect, the Opal October gemstone surpasses the Tourmaline in popularity and price.

opal birthstone

Legend has it when a miner mines the Opal gemstone, discovering this October birthstone with vertical veins is considered good luck for the miner of today. This relates back to the stories the aborigines’ have told throughout time. An aborigine elder, a respected leader within a tribe tells of a legendary story about this beautiful and most popular October birthstone. He speaks of the power and energy within the Opal.

A boy is on the hunt, searching for food within the bush.  This native aborigine boy catches a glimpse of a kangaroo and gives chase.  As he reaches the animal he uses his wooden club to end its life.  As he rests after his rewarding kill, he makes a fire and consumes his meal. While doing this, he places his club within the earth pointing it straight upwards to the sky. As he is eating his meal the club suddenly turns into an Opal gemstone.  He looks upon this amazing Opal and sees how the veins point up to the Gods.  It is believed this October’s Opal gemstone was an offering of strength, hope, faith and the confidence of spiritual power. This legend is still known today; if you are to mine the Opal gemstone and you discover this October birthstone with veins pointing from top to bottom you will have the same spiritual empowerment this young boy received.

October’s Opal birthstone is a desirable and magnificent gemstone that offers a deepened faith, a stronger depth of hope and confidence that matches its unique beauty and power.


October 01, 2012 — SWCreations Jewelry