August is hot and humid, and what better way to cool off than a nice cool ice or a day at the beach?  The color of August?  The bright green of lime ices and peridot and the soft green of sea foam.

Don't Lick this Anklet

Though it looks good enough to eat, this anklet won't melt on your ankle.  This beautiful peridot crystal pearl mix anklet has the look of a lime ice, cool and green, thanks to the peridot Swarovski Austrian crystals.  With white Swarovski crystal-based pearls and silver, this anklet says August.

peridot handmade anklet

Don't Let the Butterfly Fly Away

You can catch these butterflies and keep them forever.  Absolutely charming earrings have peridot crystal butterfly beads set off by peridot bicones Swarovski Austrian crystals and sparkling silver, these pretty butterflies won't fly away.

peridot handmade earrings

You Won't Get Salty

When you wear this necklace, everyone will think of the ocean.  Foamy greens lulling you into calmness are similar for both.  Green aventurine sets the tone for this adjustable necklace.  Soft tones are the key, with olivine Swarovski Austrian crystals complementing the colors and all blending beautifully with the olive green gemstone drusy crystal drop sterling silver pendant.  The pendant is the crashing of a wave after the calm ocean waters of the green aventurine.  

peridot handmade necklace

Are you feeling calm from the ocean?  Or do you want to cool off with a lime ice?  Perhaps the butterflies flitting around as you toss your head are more to your liking.  Contact us so we can fit your August tone to your beaded jewelry.

August 18, 2016 — SWCreations Jewelry