sardonyx gemstone - august jewelryWhat is the jewelry color of the month for August? Red.

The modern birthstone for August is the light green peridot, but in other times and cultures, different stones were favored as August birthstones, and most of them were red.

In Great Britain, sardonyx is the alternate birthstone for August. It was also the birthstone for August in Poland and the Arab world. The red and white striped patterns of sardonyx make every stone as unique as a snowflake. It carves beautifully, and was often used for cameos and talismans. Sardonyx was once believed to bestow courage and confidence upon its wearer.

Carnelian, the red variety of chalcedony, was the August birthstone for the ancient Romans and Hebrews, and also used by the modern Italians. Carnelian comes in many shades of red, from pale orange to crimson to reddish-brown. It represents passion.

Alexandrite, which is green in daylight, but red at night, was the August birthstone for Russia in the days of the czars. 

In the Hindu calendar, ruby is the August birthstone. Like sardonyx, it was believed to inspire courage.

For August, red beads or crystals are bright and colorful. Whether rubies or Swarovski crystals, red gems represent the bright fiery heat of August. Red also calls to mind the beautiful flowers of summer. Red represents fire, and August 30 is National Toasted Marshmallow Day, a time to build a bonfire and toast some marshmallows.

Carnelians, sardonyx, and alexandrite can be beautiful when alternating with other colors, for example red and pink (rose quartz), red and white (river pearls), or red and black (obsidian).  

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August 05, 2016 — SWCreations Jewelry