Birthstones, Topaz and Citrine by birthright are blessedly awarded to the people born in the month of November. Happily received by all as one of only a few months the weather changes and the leaves turn into rich powerful yellows, reds and browns. Known by most as autumn or fall, the weather turns to a much cooler more comfortable climate, offering smells and sights only the holidays seem to brew.                           

Topaz Gemstone

Embracing the autumnal colors of November the birthstone Topaz is to have a palette for a multitude of rainbow colors. Originally any stone that was yellow was considered a Topaz gemstone, confused with the Citrine which is a quartz stone. The Topaz is the gemstone of wisdom, courage and strength. November birthstones are powerful, and deservedly so. Throughout November the weather is beautiful and seasonally comfortable for everyone on this blessed Earth, it’s either autumn or spring where ever you may go.

topaz gemstone

Citrine Quartz

As the traditional birthstone of November, Citrine -known as the healing quartz- this stone glistens with deep golden colors that pop and shine in any light. To wear this November birthstone eyes will be drawn to its beauty, while heads turn to see such a sparkling embrace from this jewel of brilliance. To wear such a beautiful gemstone that ranges from a glistening sunny yellow to a darker brown orange, the Citrine is a November-born birthday girls dream come true. The bearer of such beauty will have a joyful warm personality, with vitality and good health.

citrine gemstone

There’s no better time to wear such beautiful birthstones, November’s attire balances with nature and culture. Thanksgiving is as colorful as these two sparkling beauties are. The beauty of the Topaz gemstone and Citrine quartz thrust you farther into the holidays. Adorning November’s birthstone on one’s self offers you a piece of sunshine, a smile and the strength to finish the holidays with a new lease on life.


November 04, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry