Love the look and feel of handmade jewelry and need to celebrate a special day? Choose a birthstone piece that features one or more topaz beads. While the term “birthstone jewelry” may conjure up images of tiny gemstone chips in bland settings, handmade topaz pieces are anything but boring. Learn more about this fascinating stone and why it makes an ideal gift for anyone celebrating a birthday in November.

topaz beaded jewelry

Topaz, the warm golden gemstone used to represent November birthdays, works with any color scheme or skin tone. Ranging from a pale yellow to a deep, rich amber, true topaz has a long, rich history and has been depicted in both art and literature. Golden topaz was often reserved for royalty; a famous Hans Holbein portrait of Henry VIII prominently features rich topaz jewelry and details.

Topaz has long been associated with wisdom and understanding; some forms were believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits or ill wishes. Topaz can be found in mines around the world, from locations as diverse as Utah, Japan, Russia and Nigeria; Utah’s Topaz Mountains are named after the gem. Love the look of topaz but want even more sparkle? Top quality Swarovski topaz crystals add flair to any birthstone piece.

Care and Cleaning 

Topaz can be delicate, but in the proper setting and with the right care, it will last a lifetime. Look for high quality handcrafted pieces that are designed to last, and choose settings that protect the stones.

mystic topaz earrings

Topaz is easy to clean and care for, and jewelry made from this dazzling gem retains its brilliance for years to come. Simple cleaning methods are best for topaz; the stone is hard but brittle, and won’t respond well to ultrasonic cleaning or steam. Warm soapy water works best and will help maintain both the clarity and finish of your piece.

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November 01, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry