When we think of summer, images of colorful clothes, sunshine, and laughter come to mind. We think of hope for all the good times we will get to share with friends and family as weather changes from cold and dreary to warm and cheery. Jewelry connoisseurs think in terms of finding fashionable pieces that are as fun and versatile to wear as the other accessories in their wardrobe. Many choose citrine because it fulfills all the requirements that make it a good choice for summer wear.

citrine gemstones

Citrine is a variety of quartz that has many features that make it perfect for warmer weather. It’s affordable, durable, and extremely versatile. This beautiful gemstone comes in colors ranging from lemony yellow, to brighter golden hues, as well as oranges, browns and even reds. It’s most common color, however, is yellow. Despite the fact that it has nothing – other than color – in common with topaz, it’s also frequently known as gold topaz, or Madeira or Spanish topaz.

One of the most appealing features of citrine is its durability. On the Mohs scale of hardness, with diamonds being a 10 and the hardest mineral on earth, citrine, like other quartz crystals, is ranked at 7. The fact that it is so resilient makes it a top choice among those looking to expand their jewelry collections. It’s a safe choice to wear to outdoor gatherings like picnics, weddings or graduation parties because it’s hard to scratch or chip.

Of course, for many people, their jewelry has to be as versatile as it is durable, especially in today’s economy. Citrine is no slacker in this category either. It’s elegant, yet casual and so interchangeable. Business women can easily get away with wearing a beautiful citrine necklace to the office, yet continue to sport it after work at more casual events.

Its colors make it adaptable to a wide range of color palettes when thinking in terms of wardrobes. Yellow, which is itself a very cheerful and notable color, blends beautifully with popular and vibrant summer colors like blues, greens, and even tropical hues and patterns. Yet it still looks nice with the more subdued earth tones of browns, grays, and muted greens.

Furthermore, since citrine comes in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes, it offers many options for the different pieces of jewelry it can be used in. It can easily be made into something as delicate as a beautiful citrine tear-drop necklace, or something as bulky as a chunky citrine ring or bracelet.

Citrine is durable and versatile, but also very important, it’s quite affordable. It’s easily the more economical and popular choice for those who like the expensive yellow sapphire, or yellow diamond.

It’s been said for years that citrine can be associated with self-confidence, light-heartedness, and self-esteem. It certainly makes sense. Anyone sporting it in the summer months, or all year around for that matter, can feel confident that they’re wearing something as attractive as it is affordable and durable – and it’s sure to make a statement no matter what the occasion.

July 07, 2011 — Lisa Vella