As a young girl slept she found solace holding her clear-white Quartz Crystal in her hand.  She worried she would drop it as she slept, but then would wake to realize she still had it in her hand.  Before she goes to bed and when she would wake, she prays to hold her Quartz Crystal for strength, focus, and energy. 

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She felt it helped transform and restore her emotionally from day-to-day.  She was able to take on everyday experiences knowing that peace and harmony surrounded her.  She didn’t wallow in everyday issues. She felt that her Quartz Crystal stimulated her self-esteem giving her the healing power to continue every day through challenges that arise, especially while she was in school.  Quartz is known for centuries as an energy source for supporting affirmations, stimulating psychic perception; the ability to heal internal wounds of neglect and abuse through life experiences.

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When she was a child her mother would say “Children are of pure heart and mind, and by holding your Quartz Crystal your mind will become clearer.  Quartz Crystals were used for emotional clarity, empowering you and boosting your spirituality.”  As she got older she would see how her Quartz Crystal empowered her spiritual being amplifying her prayers, wishes, and positive visualizations.  She felt encouraged knowing for generations people relied on the Quartz Crystal for spiritual guidance and healing.

As she aged she continued to carry her Quartz Crystal, cleansing herself by praying and staying positive even when life wasn’t so kind.  As an adult, her Quartz Crystal has offered her insight and enlightenment so she may have peace and serenity.  She decided to add to her collection; wearing or carrying with her a Rose Quartz Crystal.  This Quartz is known as the “love stone”.  Experiences as a teenager left her shy but the Rose Quartz offered love, happiness, fervor, and strong healing power.  Her Rose Quartz gave her the confidence to open up to the concept of love.  Quartz Crystals offer clarity within relationships and knowing the history of the Quartz Crystal her faith and hope for love were restored.  When she thought she had found someone to spend her life with and then later realized he wasn’t the one; she prayed for strength to heal emotionally, holding tightly her Quartz Crystal.  Through her own experience, she has realized the Quartz Crystal offers her the energy to endure anything.

Her spiritual faith was strengthened by this profound and powerful stone.  She carries this beautiful stone in its natural form or buys jewelry adorned with Quartz.  Quartz Crystals envelop love and positive vibrations while calming the air around you; dissolving any anger or resentment so you may live a long and happy life.


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