The history of handmade jewelry is almost as old and rich as the earth itself. While the people of prehistoric times would adorn their bodies with natural items found among them such as shells and animal teeth, handmade jewelry became a bit more significant within ancient civilizations like Egypt and China. They began to make jewelry out of precious stones and raw materials which required great skill to be mined and made into pieces of jewelry. Each piece would be uniquely crafted for the person wearing it. This in turn, of course, made jewelry accessible to only a small part of the population and was mostly used to show status and rank.

gemstone beaded bracelet

Native Americans also played a big role in the advancement of handmade jewelry. Not only would they use things from nature to make their jewelry but with the introduction of the first American settlers, came the introduction of beads and metals. Native Americans would use a combination of nature with beads and metals to decorate everything from their everyday clothes to their regalia for war. Many modern Native Americans keep this tradition alive by making beaded jewelry in the same fashion and patterns as their ancestors. Each piece can tell a story specific to the person it is intended for.

Today, handmade jewelry is a precious, traditional art form. With the commercialization of jewelry, many people are able to buy pieces at lower prices but also at a lower standard of quality. Today's handmade jewelry makers are able to dedicate their time and skill to making a truly unique piece of art, without having to sacrifice their standard of quality. When looking at a piece of handmade jewelry, you can see the unique mind of the artist that made it. When wearing a piece of handmade jewelry, you can be assured that you are wearing a unique, one of kind piece.

gemstone beaded bracelet sterling

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January 13, 2020 — SWCreations Jewelry

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