Fashionable jewelry comes with a price- oftentimes, a hefty one. Moreover, your unique beaded jewelry from SWCreations is just that- unique! (contact us to see about getting your own wonderfully unique piece) That means that if your jewelry is not properly cared for, you will eventually see a beloved, irreplaceable piece that you spent hard-earned money on fade into a less dazzling version of its former glory.

But don't worry, as long as you're willing to put in a little work, we have a few practices you can implement to keep your jewelry fresh for many seasons to come. Here are two simple ideas for how you can care for your beaded jewelry which will have a surprisingly big impact on the longevity of your jewelry.

Keep A Bag With You to Store Jewelry in Situations Where It Might Get Wet

The most important thing to recognize in caring for your jewelry is that the number one culprit of jewelry decay is water. Obviously, when you are in your home or apartment, it is quite easy to avoid water damage. You have plenty of dry places to set down your jewelry before you wash your hands, bathe, or work in the kitchen. The difficult part, however, is avoiding this damage when you are out and about.

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When you are outside, or at other public places, you may not always have a nice dry place to set your jewelry down. That is why we suggest you move with a small bag where you can store your jewelry while you are in a situation where the piece might get wet. A bonus benefit for those prone to losing stuff is that putting your jewelry in a bag eliminates that risk of forgetting where you've set your jewelry down.

Get A Jewelry Cleaning Cloth (And Use It)

This one is especially important to do before storing a piece in a drawer or box. When you have a piece you are planning to store for a while, make sure you give it a thorough cleaning. Leftover dirt and moisture in the nooks and crannies of your piece can lead to stains and more permanent imperfections in the jewelry. 

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Regularly cleaning your jewelry will allow your piece to continue to shine for many seasons to come!

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