If you can’t quite decide on the perfect necklace or aren’t sure which ring to choose for yourself, let the colors be your guide. Fashion jewelry is so much more meaningful when a little extra thought has gone into choosing it. Why not commemorate a special occasion or time in your life with a meaningful stone?

meaning of colors

You have probably heard a little bit about the meaning behind colors. Yellow roses, for example, signify friendship whereas red roses are reserved for lovers. Every shade has some significance and using it can be a fun way to make your handcrafted pieces even more special.

Before you choose your next piece, check out our color chart:

  • Red is the color of passion and strength.
  • Orange is the color of optimism and communication.
  • Yellow is the color of intellect and hope.
  • Green represents growth and health.
  • Blue is the shade of peace, trust, and loyalty.
  • Purple is the hue of creativity and transformation.
  • Turquoise represents mental clarity.
  • Pink is the color of unconditional love.
  • Lavender denotes elegance and grace.
  • Magenta signifies emotional balance.
  • Brown is the color of protection and wealth.
  • Gray symbolizes compromise.
  • Black is the color of elegance and sophistication.
  • Gold is the color of success and achievement.
  • White represents the idea of perfection and completion.

If you are looking for some handmade beaded jewelry, choose an array of colors that have special significance for you or the person who will be receiving it. Blue, pink, and red are perfect anniversary gifts to give as symbols of your passion, loyalty, and unconditional love. Gold and black handcrafted pieces are ideal for promotions at work. Green and white handmade jewelry are thoughtful gifts for new moms.

If you are giving a gift, why not included a handwritten card inside the box? Show your loved ones that you really put some thought into the gift! Explain what each color of the handcrafted piece symbolizes. You are sure to impress anyone!

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November 22, 2018 — Stephanie White

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