There are two things that make handcrafted jewelry special ... beautiful artistry and the significance of the piece. Sometimes, the piece is special because of the moment it celebrates. An engagement or anniversary, the birth of a child, or perhaps it's a memento of a wonderful vacation. But sometimes, what makes that piece so exceptional is something more steeped in lore.

According to many ancient Roman texts, Cupid's arrows were tipped with diamonds that carried within their love and desire. Throughout the world's lore, the diamond is thought to be a symbol of love, fidelity, and invincibility. Is it any wonder that it has become the most popular gemstone for celebrating love.

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Rubies are also rich with significance. In many early cultures, the ruby was believed to hold the very power of life. Over time, that developed into the belief that they could inspire good health, wisdom, and success.

The lapis lazuli, an extremely popular material in handcrafted jewelry, has long been associated with the elite. In Gilgamesh, the ancient Sumerian poem, it is the goal of many quests as Sumerians traversed Asia in search of it. The Egyptians believed it to be a protection in the afterlife and it was an important material in many of their jeweled pieces.

Although amber is a fossilized tree resin, rather than a stone, it is still recognized as a gemstone. In Nordic mythology, amber formed the tears of the goddess Freya. Today, it is a popular part of beaded jewelry, a symbol of light and energy.

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Agate, too, has hidden lore attached to it. The Romans created both jewelry and talismans from this stone, believing that it would appease the gods and allow them good harvests. Many Middle Eastern cultures attributed it to the ability to divert storms. Today, it is used in jewelry as a wearable talisman for love and fidelity in marriage.

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