The fall season is just around the corner and we can expect cooler weather and shorter days. The lush green leaves on trees will begin to shift into shades of yellow, orange, and red shades. Gardens hues will change into fall flowers that thrive in cooler temperatures like the orange chrysanthemums and purple pansies. Worldwide color authority Pantone® recently released its choices for the fall color trend report. Check out these new fabulous top color picks for this next season

PANTONE Russet Orange®

2018 Pantone Russet Orange

This vibrant orange is the perfect fall color choice for your jewelry. Think sunsets, pumpkins, or beautiful orange garden mums. Think of agate, coral, and tourmaline gemstones. This color truly pops with these multicolor Czech glass beads, offset by wine purple Swarovski crystals. 

Orange Beaded Anklet

PANTONE Crocus Petal®

2018 Pantone Crocus Petal

The Crocus Petal shade is beautiful and similar to the colors you might see in purple Althea Rose of Sharon blooms. You might see this color in Amethyst, Fluorite, Jadeite, and Spinel gemstones. You can see this purple hue in these lampwork glass beads. This purple blends nicely next to olive green, light pink, and bold fuchsia pink.

Purple Lampwork Beaded Earrings

PANTONE Valiant Poppy®

2018 Pantone Valiant Poppy

The Valiant Poppy is a bold red shade that makes a statement all by itself. You might see this shade in lovely poppy flowers. This color is bold and makes a statement of confidence. This shade resembles colors you might find in ruby, spinel, jadeite, and rhodolite garnet gemstones. This color pairs perfectly with gold or silver. 

Golden Red Jade Gemstone Bracelet

PANTONE Ultra Violet®

2018 Pantone Ultra Violet

This vivid hue is a definite winner to brighten any outfit this fall or winter. A violet huge that stands out from the crowd and often associated with importance or royalty. This color would show up in amethyst, spinel, and sometimes found in sapphire. Swarovski brings this color to life with bold shades of violet. You can see this violet color in this amethyst gemstone necklace

Alexandrite Amethyst Gemstone Necklace

PANTONE Ceylon Yellow®

2018 Pantone Ceylon Yellow

Yellow shades are typically found in your spring or summer shades, but this shade is a little darker and you might see this color in chrysanthemum flowers. This shade of yellow pairs nicely with dark blue, peridot, green, and aqua in this beaded anklet.

blue yellow anklet

PANTONE Martini Olive®

2018 Pantone Martini Olive

This lovely shade is somewhere between topaz brown and olive green. Think of smokey quartz, cassiterite, or golden beryl gemstones. Swarovski's crystal mahogany crystal would compliment this color perfectly. The colors in this lampwork anklet also compliment this shade of Martini Olive.

handmade lampwork anklet

PANTONE Quetzal Green®

2018 Pantone Quetzal Green

This Quetzal Green is a lovely fall color choice. You might see this color in malachite, jadeite, or variscite gemstones. Swarovski creates a beautiful shade of teal green shown in these lovely crystal earrings.

emerald teal earrings 

PANTONE Nebulas Blue®

2018 Pantone Nebulas Blue

The leaves may be changing colors, but that doesn't mean blue can't be part of your fall wardrobe. You will see this color in these handmade lampwork beads with their swirls of blue, purple, aqua, and yellow hues. 

handmade lampwork earrings

PANTONE Limelight®

2018 Pantone Limelight

This bright yellow tone is not a color you would expect for the fall season. The perfect yellow tone would certainly bring cheer on the chilliest of days. This color works perfectly as an accent color. This color would work perfectly next to green, teal, fuchsia, or blue.

unique beaded anklets


2018 Pantone Red Pear

This darker shade of red is a color you would expect to see in the fall and winter months. You can expect this tone to bring warmth to the chilly season. You might see this shade in pyrope, jadeite, garnet, or jasper. These handmade earrings are a bold choice for any season.

handmade earrings

To customize YOUR perfect fall/winter palette, contact us today with your design and color ideas. We are here to make your jewelry ideas a reality!

August 04, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry

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