One of the thing that makes Swarovski crystals so brilliant, is their astonishing range of classic colors. For them, purple isn't just purple, it's the starting point for a multitude of different shades. The psychological effects of different colors are something they're well aware of, taking care to create an assortment of shades to match any personality or mood. An appreciation for all the ways color speaks to our souls is what allows them to stand out amongst the most luminous of jewelry fashions. 

PANTONE Ultra Violet

In celebration of the PANTONE® Color of the Year for 2018, Swarovski has taken the opportunity to provide insights into the sincere magnificence of purple and violet hues. These colors have long been associated with creativity, mindfulness, and inner peace. Not only that, but there's an almost mystical quality to these colors that have the capability of inspiring magic in our lives.

Swarovski's Electric Purple family takes full advantage of these effects with dazzling shades such as Crystal Lilac, Crystal Lilac Shadow, and Tanzanite. Other shades like Amethyst, Fuchsia, and Purple Velvet add even more exquisite variety to the already stunning array of purple crystals. With as many unique shades as can be imagined, Swarovski manages to create a blend of magnificent hues that can satisfy almost any temperament and personality within the boundless range between bring lavender and dark purple. 

handmade earrings

At SWCreations, we thrive on the creative diversity that handcrafted jewelry provides. Thanks to Swarovski crystals and other brilliant kinds of beads, we're able to make one-of-a-kind products that can never be replicated ever again. We're proud to create pieces of art that truly stand out and express something unique in everyone who buys them. Visit us here to learn more about our products and take a look at what genuine handcrafted jewelry can offer! 

November 18, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry

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