Match Your Personality with Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry is an expression of your personality. Big and bold, calm and quiet, sophisticated, urbanite, country girl... Which of these describe your unique personality? If you're shopping at a store or local craft fair you can probably find a piece of jewelry that sort of gets you and your uniqueness. But if you want jewelry that really showcases your personality, a piece of custom handcrafted jewelry is a unique and totally original way to do just that.

If you have a sophisticated yet bold personality, a large piece of jewelry featuring Alexandrite may be the way to go. This rare gemstone changes its colors depending on the lighting. In natural daylight or under fluorescents, it glows aqua green. Candlelight brings out its smoky lavender side, as does incandescent lighting. Known as the 'Alexandrite Effect', this chameleon-like trait makes this gem as unique as you are. 

Elegant Alexandrite Gemstone Pearl Necklace

Do you prefer understated jewelry that matches your calm and classy personality? If so, pearls are the way to go. These ethereal drops of 'solidified moonlight' highlight earrings featuring faceted amethyst gemstones. These beautiful crystal-based Swarovski pearls are quite beautiful in their calm and understated way. For a bit more color and fun, try these earrings made with mauve freshwater pearls

Amethyst Gemstone Crystal Beaded Earrings

Do you celebrate your urban lifestyle? Many urban artists do by incorporating 'found' objects into their art. Now you can wear jewelry that has that same 'found art' vibe with button jewelry. From urban hip to city sophisticated, there's something for every proud urbanite to love!

Are you a country girl through and through? Maybe you're a city girl now who still loves her country roots. Well, flaunt your country gal heart with this gorgeous turquoise triple strand bracelet. Express your love for country life with red rose earrings or a playful ladybug anklet. Anyone who sees you will know that you're a country girl at heart.

Candy Red Ladybug Beaded Anklet

Is there anything besides jewelry that allows you to express your personality and your tastes so clearly? Contact us and allow us the pleasure of creating a customized piece of handcrafted jewelry that perfectly suits you.

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