Handmade Anklets for Summer Fun With Style

Summer is here and it's time to let the legs out! The fun sunny season brings skirts, shorts, sandals, bathing suits, and a whole new opportunity to sport your style. After you treat your feet to a pedi and a polish, why not top it off with some new ankle bling?

pink floral lampwork bead anklet 

Anklets have a long and interesting history going back centuries to Pre-Dynastic Egypt, and though historically worn as a symbol to represent marital status, this adornment has evolved into simply a fun fashion accessory in most parts of the world today. There are countless varieties of styles, materials, and colors to choose from, including chain anklets, strung glass beads, dangling charms, leather cord, and set gemstones. From subtle or sexy, to fun or flirty, the impact of this unique piece of jewelry is accentuated by the fact that it's primarily seasonal and enjoys a sort of “renewal” each year.

blue ocean lampwork bead earrings

Accessorizing with anklets is as easy as any other jewelry; pick your mood, pick your color, pick your style. Can't decide which anklet to buy? Remember, you can always double up! Traditionally, anklets are worn on only one side, but who says you can't wear two on one ankle? Can't find just the right combination of colors? How about having one custom made? Worried that you'll break it, lose it, or that it might not feel comfortable? Rest assured, many anklets are adjustable, and SW Creations would certainly have you covered there.

Shimmering Gray Crystal Beaded Anklet

So wiggle those pretty pink toes in the sand, kick off your flip-flops and run through the grass, or shrug off those heels and dance under the stars. Let your legs out to play, and let 'em out in style. Custom designed in almost any size, SWCreations' handmade anklets will help you make the summer more colorful and fun than ever!

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