Anklets are an often unexpected way to call attention to your pretty feet during warmer months. Both sexy and playful, wearing an anklet is a unique way of expressing your style and showing off your fun personality. Here are 4 great ways to wear your anklets this season. 

pink rose anklet

With Bare Feet on the Beach

Give your feet a little flash when you're digging your toes into the warm sand this summer. Glass beads reflect the sun's rays and bring a little bit of sparkle anywhere you are sitting. 

Match your toenail polish to your beaded anklet for a really cute beach look. 

Loose Over Flip Flops

Your go-to shoes for warm weather don't have to look lazy. Pair them with a pretty beaded anklet, and you'll look like you dressed for the occasion. When you're wearing your anklet with flip-flops, let it drape over your ankle in a casual way. 

At Work With a Skirt

Do you have a cute, but business appropriate, skirt you like to wear to the office when it's hot outside? Complete the outfit with a beautiful anklet worn with your sandals or flats. It will enhance the summery feeling of your skirt in a way that is sophisticated enough for work. 

To Complement Cropped Pants

Do you trade in your long pants for cropped versions in spring and summer? Cropped pants are a popular alternative to shorts and can be worn anywhere from a shopping mall to an upscale restaurant. 

An anklet is a beautiful detail to bring some style to cropped pants. It's that hint of shine and color that draws the eye and makes you stand out in a crowd. 

Anklets are a terrific fashion accessory that can truly bring a great outfit to a whole new level. Go to SWCreations to find your perfect anklet. 


May 25, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry

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