It has long been known that people who are considered to have a winter complexion look best in deep blues, reds and even hot pinks.  Winter people will be happy to hear that the hottest colors for winter 2016-2017 jewelry collections will rock their world!

blue gemstone bracelet

Sapphire blue's with their ever-so deep and brilliant hues top the list of what's trending. Beads and gems that in the blue spectrum come in many shapes and sizes; all are pleasing to they eye. At the edge of blues are the deep purples that are just as desirable in bracelets and charms.

Next to beautiful blue you'll find ridiculous reds. Gems with super-deep, multi-layered tones that scream "pick me!" are ready to make their appearance as the snow falls.

A surprise color making its mark on the wedding is scene is green shades. Winter brides are choosing ivory or white to match up with green colors that are soft and quiet. These winter jewelry colors are exquisite and, when placed with another one of a kind selections, make bridesmaid's gifts that are a cherished piece of art. Another hot choice is the something blue sapphire wedding anklet. 

sapphire wedding anklets

Blues, reds, and hot pinks aren't the only colors hitting the teen scene for 2017. Pale yellows contrasted with flame orange as well as the surprise entrance of kale green will top the color charts for the trend setters on high school campuses around the nation. Chokers donning these colors are already in demand.

The best thing about custom-made jewelry is the ability to choose colors and gems according to personal preference. Color trends are fun, but it's the individual likes that matter most. Contact us, we can create a piece for you with personal trending power!  

January 26, 2017 — SWCreations Jewelry

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