Have you received handmade, beaded earrings? If so, you know the time and creativity spent in making those earrings. However, you also relish in the thoughtfulness of the person who gave them to you. It takes a special person to pick out the right set of earrings for a person.

Handmade, beaded earrings, are one of a kind. An artist makes these gems and is not in the business of "mass production." Each piece is cleverly designed, knowing that the person who will receive the earrings will love and cherish the unique gift.

floral lampwork earrings

Beaded earrings, make an outfit. These items add a pop of color to a pair of jeans or can dress up an everyday work outfit enough to go to a dinner meeting. Since these items are one of a kind, the wearer will not have to worry about seeing them on another person. More importantly, other people will want to know where the beaded earrings came from.

floral lampwork earrings

Each pair of beaded earrings is unique in color, style, and shape. Beaded earrings make a perfect gift for Mother's Day, a birthday, an anniversary or just to say "I was thinking of you!" When given as a gift the receiver will be grateful for the thoughts of love put into the unique gift. If the person is into supporting a local or small business', handmade, beaded earrings is a great way to support local artisans!

If you have an up and coming gift need and desire a unique, handmade pair of earrings contact us!


January 19, 2017 — SWCreations Jewelry

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