The tradition of jewelry craft is an ancient and often forgotten art. From the sapphires of Persia to the glass bead work of Africa, the art of handcrafted jewelry is both timeless and enduring. Artisan jewelry embraces the rich history of design with imaginative crafts and exquisite colors.

handmade beaded jewelry

Distinction Fit for Royalty

Handcrafted jewelry is one-of-a-kind. The excellence of craftsmanship ensures that no two pieces are alike. Cookie cutter aesthetic does not withstand the test of time, while handmade items retain value, uniqueness, and beauty throughout the ages. A tradition of artistry inspires each and every piece, making handmade crafts a true descendant of the royal jewels and exotic gems of bygone years.    

Support Your Local Artisan

Each piece of handcrafted jewelry is a unique work of art. Made with care, imbued with spirit, and meticulously selected to suit the heart of each wearer, artisan creations bring out the story and craft of jewelry design. Where mass produced jewelry depreciates over time, handmade items retain their value. The quality of the craft is exceptional and made to last. From exotic bead work to shimmering pearls, handmade treasures are crafted with quality and aesthetic.


Craft jewelry -- especially beaded jewelry and nonmetal pieces -- offer an alternative to traditional nickel and aluminum plated pieces. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and oftentimes nickel is added to harden the metal. Even those allergic to nickel can often wear sterling silver. Allergy sufferers and fashionistas with sensitive skin can discover a range of options in artisan work. Smaller vendors and local artisans are happy to answer questions regarding craft, materials, and allergen status. 


Go green! Handcrafted jewelry items are an alternative to mass production, which creates significant amounts of waste. Often, jewelry -- or components -- are shipped from overseas. This increases the carbon footprint left behind by large factories. Plus, commercial jewelry is often made with lower or poor quality components.

Handmade pieces honor the color and spirit of nature in each bead -- without the need for environmental waste. Supporting artisan jewelers is a great way to give back to the Earth.

December 24, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry

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