The tradition of jewelry craft is an ancient art that dates back to the earliest human civilizations. Beaded jewelry has drawn inspiration from myth, lore, and nature. Here are 3 Jewelry Legends to Inspire Your Modern Wardrobe.

Necklace of Nassarius, the Mediterranean Sea Snail

Discovered in the prehistoric Skhul Caves of Israel, this beaded necklace is the oldest piece of jewelry known to man, dating just 110,000 years. Handmade jewelry displaying the intricate work of coastal artisans has been found scattered throughout the region. Seashells, rock, and weathered wood were among the materials used to craft each piece. Most intriguing of all is the use of the deep-sea snail, Nassarius, in beaded rope necklaces. Each shell is woven together along a chain to create a necklace fitting of a mermaid queen. For more modern-day mermaid inspiration, check out these sea-born inspirations.

Amber, the Blood of Dragons

Amber has long been considered a prized gem among royalty. Refined amber jewelry is among the most ancient beaded jewelry works known to man and can be found scattered throughout China, India, and Nepal. In ancient China, amber was thought to be made of pure dragon blood. The fiery essence adorned bangles, chains, and anklets throughout the Qing Dynasty. Passionate red tones embody ferocity, independence, and luck throughout each artisan-crafted piece. Stretched earlobes were common among royalty who desired long, heavy amber bead earrings. Find your own fire with creations fit for a dragon queen.

amber jewelry

Sekhmet's Glasswork, the Treasure of Egypt

Stained glass beads are unique to ancient Egypt, lending a vast range of diversity to the artisan jewelry of the region. Delicate lampwork beads evolved from the intricate Egyptian craft of glass beading. Sekhmet, the warrior lioness, is often depicted wearing a glass beaded headdress and collar. The feline goddess mystique inspired many Egypt jewelry pieces. The essence of the goddess lives on in these modern glass beaded pieces.

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