Ah, flowers! The jewels of nature, flowers come in every color from the purity of white to the deep darkness of near black with every sparkling color in between. Whatever tint or hue of color you can imagine, there is a flower to match.

Perhaps that is why flowers have inspired artists and designers throughout the ages. From early Minoan pottery to Claude Monet's exquisite paintings, flowers have inspired beautiful artwork. They've also inspired another art form - jewelry.

There is something about the forms and colors of flowers that speak to the jewelry designer. Even those who make the lovely crystals and beads used in jewelry making find their inspiration in the flower garden.

Whether you prefer the summery pink of this pink hibiscus necklace (complete with a beautiful filigree hibiscus pendant) or the rich red of these cyclamen-inspired earrings, there is a piece of floral jewelry to suit your taste. We have a Field of Violets beaded anklet for lovers of lavender and this simple, yet beautiful, yellow beaded keychain with crystals. It's inspiration? The much maligned goldenrod - which may actually not be responsible for your hay fever! 

Pink Pearl Hibiscus Necklace

We also have jewelry pieces that feature floral motifs along with beautiful floral colors. Check out these beauties: floral lampwork earrings. And, of course, we have this fleuri art necklace inspired by that showstopper in the garden, the magnificent dahlia.

Handmade Pink Floral Lampwork Earrings

If you have a flower that's a particular favorite, and you don't see a piece of jewelry to match it, just ask us. There are so many beautiful flowers and only so much time for designing jewelry. However, we always have time for custom orders.

Contact us for even more flower-inspired jewelry you're sure to love!

October 01, 2016 — SWCreations Jewelry

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