When you think of candy, do you think of handmade jewelry?  Maybe you should!  Many of our jewelry designs look nearly good enough to eat.

Rock Candy

Can anyone see those and not want one?  That little stick with the ball on the bottom, and that crunchy colorful sugar on top! Reminiscent of chunky, sparkly rock candy, this Pink Jade Gemstone Magnetic beaded bracelet is hard not to lick!  Gracing your wrist will be tanzanite purple and peach faceted beads with sterling silver spacers.

handmade pink jade bracelet

Red Hots

This handmade Golden Red Jade gemstone bracelet won't burn your mouth, but you still can't eat it!  Red hot colors adorn this absolutely elegant ring of jade gemstones, Swarovski crystals and Czech glass beads with sterling silver to cool it off!

red hot beaded bracelet


Bubblegum was a staple of childhood, wasn't it? That first sugary taste when you put it in your mouth, and the bubbles you blew almost as big as your head! A bubblegum beauty, these handmade pink lampwork earrings gives you the added benefit of unique lampwork beads. With pink lampwork glass beads and light amethyst purple Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver, this pair of earrings is more elegant than any bubblegum!

pink lampwork earrings



Remember the multicolor candies stuck on the strips of paper?  Remember the feeling of pulling out a new sleeve of them, hearing the buttons go tick-tick-tick against each other, anticipating that sugary goodness?  This Ruby Topaz Crystal beaded bracelet will remind you of how sweet those buttons were. With a multitude of colors, it is made with a rainbow Czech glass button, ruby Swarovski crystals, bali .925 silver beads.  

button beaded bracelet

Jolly Ranchers

Yum!  Those bright sparkly candies that lasted and lasted.  Jewel colors that went in your mouth and gave you tons of flavor!  In this handmade Amethyst Mauve Pearl crystal bracelet, you'll get all the sparkle you remember!  Pink, purple and green adorn your wrist in Czech glass beads, Swarovski pearls and crystals, and sterling silver.  

pearl beaded bracelet

Good enough to eat?  Don't eat them, but you can enjoy the beauty of all the colors you remember from your favorite childhood candies.  Contact us to see which ones will inspire memories for you.


November 03, 2016 — SWCreations Jewelry

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