Every woman loves to wear beautiful jewelry. We place a lot of significance on it. Diamonds are thought of as a symbol of love. Rubies are a symbol of passion or energy and garnet is a symbol of friendship or affection. Those same types of sentiments can be linked with beaded jewelry as well and it may hold even more significance since a lot of it is handmade. These beaded creations are one-of-a-kind treasures that every woman will be happy to wear. Are you ready to discover the true beauty of handcrafted jewelry?

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The Significance of Beads

In virtually every part of the world and for as far back as you can research; jewelry has held a certain value to people. It may have been simple pieces of bone that were shaped and used along with a string or a vine of some sort to create a necklace. It is a symbol of wealth or emotional connections with another person. Beads have also been used in some of the earliest jewelry creations, whether adorning clothes or a person's wrist. It may be used to show that a woman is married or that a young girl is coming of age. The possibilities are endless, especially if you think about the different color choices that you have when looking at beads.

What Does Bead Color Mean?

If you have a necklace, anklet, or bracelet, made with amethyst beads, you could be showing that you are part of the Royal Family.  It may also tell others that you are filled with ambition, but may be delicate. The color emerald is often considered fresh. It is ideal for someone that you feel brings goodness to the lives of those who they encounter. Jasper may be useful for its healing properties and Iolite can encourage you to dream big. One of the coolest things about beads, though, is that no matter what color they are; you can place your own significance on the piece of jewelry that you hold. Whether you are giving a beaded jewelry piece to a loved one or buying it for yourself; handcrafted beadwork will provide you with more than you may ever imagine.

Why Handcrafted Jewelry Is Best

The biggest thing people love about handmade beaded jewelry is that each piece is something truly special and unique. No two beaded bracelets will ever be the same, even if the same colors are used. If you look into lampwork beads, you will notice that they are filled with colors that combine in ways that can never be repeated. They are made from high heat and glass, then colored, shaped, and cooled by the artist. It is a delicate process that requires a lot of time to master and each piece will have its own story to tell because they put their heart into creating it.

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September 25, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry

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