Ahh... lovely violet! The color of mystery, of deep dusk, of sweet woodland flowers. Violet is calmly regal where haughty purple demands respect.

Violet lacks the rich, vibrant warmth of purple which lies closer to fiery red on a color wheel. Instead, it's a cooler, quieter color because of it's proximity to calming blue. Violet is the color of the gemstone tanzanite and also of iolite. In fact, the Greek word 'ios' (which gave iolite its name) means violet.


Named after Tanzania, the only place on earth where it's found, this lovely gem changes hues as you tilt it. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) explains that the gem shifts from "violet blue to bluish violet to violet purple" as it moves through the light. Only the violet base color remains the same. 

Experience the glowing violet color of this rare gem for yourself with a handcrafted necklace of Swarovski Austrian crystals in tanzanite, lilac, and alexandrite. Add lavender seed beads, Bali and sterling silver, and a Swarovski Austrian crystal prism for a piece of beaded jewelry that's simply stunning!

purple lampwork earrings

The quiet beauty of violet pairs nicely with similarly sedate colors such as lavender and pale yellow. A necklace with these subtly beautiful colors is evocative of spring flowers.

Explore our Tanzanite jewelry to find a piece that whispers of violet's beauty to you.


Enjoy the captivating allure of violet iolite with a lovely bracelet and earrings set. Made with faceted iolite gemstones, the violet color is highlighted by sterling silver and iridescent purple.

purple gemstone jewelry

Showcase your personality with earrings that make a gentle statement about your appreciation of beautifully handcrafted jewelry. These elegant and stately earrings are as quietly regal as the color violet itself.

purple beaded earrings

We're always happy to alter an existing piece or create a custom design just for you. For instance, we can tone down deep purple to a quieter light tanzanite. If you have a special piece in mind for a friend or loved one who would adore violet's quiet elegance, contact us. Let's see what we can come up with as an exceptional gift.

September 16, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry

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