Bright, captivating colors are the focal point of any beaded jewelry piece. From delicate earrings to exquisite lampwork beads, color sets the tone and style of each handmade treasure. 


Natural Goddess

The color violet is a rarity in nature. Sweet-smelling lavender embodies the ethereal quality of the color, while lilacs, sweet peas, and orchids represent sanctity and fragility. The oceanic calm of blue blended with fire red balance harmoniously in each bead. Purple tones are the mark of a free-spirit. The range of hues -- from soft pastels to deep, midnight ultraviolet -- is one of the reasons this color is a favorite among designers. Tanzanite is often used in floral pieces. When paired with crystal, Tanzanite is thought to embody the spirit of protection, healing, and tranquility.  

tanzanite pearl bracelet

Warrior Princess

An often sought after hue due to its obscurity, violet has long been associated with royalty. The color was a trademark of robes, dresses, and silks throughout the Byzantine and Phoenicians Empires. Deep violet, a counterpart to the lighter natural hues, invokes the image of strength and ferocity. In China, jade was considered "The Emperor's Stone", blending the five virtues of benevolence, honesty, wisdom, integrity, and bravery. Dyed jade beaded jewelry comes in a range of colors, including light violet purple, and pairs well with coral and sparkling crystals. 

jade beaded anklets

Daydreamer Chic

Purple is the color of dreamers, wanderers, and moon children. Creativity and imagination are virtues of this rich color. Jennifer Bourne describes the color purple as the "calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red." Paired with loose, bohemian gypsy dresses for a daytime adventure or accented by solid, dark tones for a midnight affair, violet brings out the energy of passion, innovation, and distinction. 

Violet embodies the ethereal, a spirit of nobility and intrigue that cannot be tamed. Each handmade beaded accent compliments the purple soul within us all and brings out inner rarity. 

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September 03, 2018 — SWCreations Jewelry

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