Can you relate to the struggle of browsing through an online jewelry shop, putting every piece you like in your cart, and then never actually buying them? Even though the online jewelry market is growing massively, customers still have concerns about buying jewelry online. A lot of these concerns have to do with jewelry sizes.

You’ll never know if the beaded bracelets or rings you’re ordering online will fit — unless you follow this guide. Here’s how you can measure your sizes properly and pick the perfect ones when buying handmade jewelry online.

how to measure jewelry

Measuring Your Bracelet Size

A lot of online jewelry designers offer size charts to their customers. But you can’t make use of them if you don’t know what the sizes actually are or what your own size is. So, let’s start by measuring your own wrist size.

Step 1: Take a half-inch wide strip of paper.

Step 2: Tie it around your wrist where you’d normally a bracelet.

Step 3: Mark the point where both ends meet with a sharpie.

Step 4: Unwrap the strip and measure it against a ruler.

Note: If you’re buying handmade jewelry online that doesn’t have clasps, leave a little size room when placing an order since you’ll be sliding it on and off your wrist.

That’s it! You now know your exact bracelet size. But since most online jewelry stores offer sizes in absolute numbers (that don’t always represent inches), it’d do you well to look up what those sizes actually are.

Measuring Your Ring Size

You can follow the same process for measuring your ring size — but this time, replace the paper strip with a thread or string. A string is more likely to slip off your finger, so you can tie an adjustable sliding or slip knot before you slip the string onto your finger.

Make sure your string is loose enough to slide off your finger when you want to take it off, but tight enough to stay on as you move around. There is a standard ring size conversion chart that you can use as reference.

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