Remember when you used to make those plastic bead friendship bracelets in middle school? Those beaded bracelets, alongside beaded necklaces and rings, are back in fashion in 2021!

Beads have been used in jewelry-making since as early as the 15th century. You’ll find varieties of beads in different regions all across the globe. Be it bracelets, necklaces, rings or even anklets — beaded jewelry is not going out of fashion anytime soon!

If you’re not particularly fond of the tiny plastic beads of the 90s, then here are some other bead varieties for you to explore.

1.   Gemstone Beads

They might just be composed of earthly minerals, but gemstones are so much more than just rocks. Their awe-striking appearance and mix of wonderful natural colors make them stand out among any other material you could use for beaded jewelry. That’s why gemstone beaded jewelry is a must-have in everyone’s jewelry collection — regardless of whether you believe in their healing properties or just care about their visual appeal.

2.   Lampwork Beads

Glass is a very versatile material that can be molded any way you like — one of those ways being beads. Glass lampwork beads are a close second to gemstone beads because of their translucent appearance. Because they’re made from flaming glass, there can be a huge range of designs and colors you can find for lampwork beaded jewelry.

lampwork beads by SWCreations

3.   Crystal Beads

Swarovski crystals have been associated with luxury and elegance — and rightfully so. The glassy transparent look of crystals makes them akin to precious stones like diamonds. Every person deserves to own at least one beaded crystal necklace or pair of beaded crystal earrings. They’re perfect for special occasions like anniversaries!

4.   Pearl Beads

Pearls need no introduction. The oceanic beauties, aptly nicknamed “the Queen of Gems”, have been used in jewelry-making since the days of Cleopatra. They’re highly valued not just because of their polished milky-white sheen, but also because they’re naturally hard to source. Wearing a beaded pearl necklace or beaded pearl earrings is sure to divert some eyes in your direction whenever you enter a room!

5.   Wood Beads

Although not a very popular choice, wood beads are among the coolest types of beads you can wear in the form of beaded jewelry. They’re unique because they give off a completely different fashion statement than any other beads in this list. They can even be inscribed with text, imagery or symbols that make your beaded jewelry collection stand out in a crowd.

Gemstone beaded jewelry by SWCreations

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October 30, 2021 — SWCreations Jewelry

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