Okay.  Pink is pink.  Right?  Not according to Swarovski Austrian Crystals: Shades of Pink.  This company, which is the genius of glass and crystal, has 16 shades of pink! 

Their five standard pink colors include Rose Pink, Light Rose Pink, Light Satin Rose Pink, Rosaline, and Fuchsia. These lovely, feminine crystal beads make gorgeous beaded jewelry.  Jewelers often choose Rose Pink as the October birthstone due to its similarity to the pink diamond. It presents an understated, elegant look as a ring or earrings.  The Light Rose Pink makes a pleasing contrast to all the other pinks.  Even lighter than the Light Rose, Rosaline has a light lavender tint and goes well with that color or contrasts with purple. Fuchsia presents a deep rose color with overtones of purple.

swarovski pink jewelry

Blush Rose is the company's newest color.  They describe it as representing the "first blush of love and hope."  Many find it suitable for jewelry for younger women, as a friendship ring, for example. It pairs well with neutral colors, gold topaz, and vivid summer hues.

Astral Pink fits the feisty female. It blazes like a setting sun with warm pink and red tones, plus flashes of fuchsia and orange.  A designer might pair a necklace and matching earrings to counteract neutral colors such as earth tones.  

Indian Pink is described as "lighthearted and energetic."  While somewhat quieter than the Astral Pink, its heavy saturation of red-pink calls up the exotic feelings of India.

Antique Pink hints of a blush hue with a touch of purple amethyst.  This color reminds the wearer of a classic, romantic past.  It may be used with gold, fuchsia, and yellow.

Rose Satin features a satiny surface that makes it opaque with a silvery look.  Presenting an authoritative appearance, it could enhance upscale suits or gowns with simple, elegant lines.

Rose Peace is comprised of the coral pink colors in the famous rose flower of the name.  An entrancing color that captures the eye.

Other pinks not described here include Silk, Rose Gold, Vintage Rose, Rose Alabaster, and Rose Water Opal.

So many rich variations from which to choose can stagger the mind. Perhaps seeing them in person would make it easier! Contact us for viewing and assistance to find the perfect pink for you or your loved one.

swarovski pink jewelryswarovski pink jewelry

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