Swarovski's place in the history of beaded jewelry wouldn't be complete without taking a fun look at some of the leading roles these superstar crystals have earned both in movies and on stage - you may be surprised!

The first time Swarovski crystals were featured on the big screen was in the 1932 Marlene Dietrich movie Blonde Venus; the glittering crystals studded both her clothes and her jewelry. Then in 1953, Swarovski decorated the iconic person of none other than Marilyn Monroe in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - those memorably brilliant sparkles that she flashed during her song "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" were actually Swarovski crystals.

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Possibly the most historically famous rendition of "Happy Birthday" was when Marilyn Monroe sang it to JFK in 1962 from the stage of Madison Square Garden. Her flesh-toned dress was studded with 2500 Swarovski crystals - it sold at auction in 1999 for over $1.2 million according to Guiness World Records!

Swarovski crystals took another starring role in 2004, when they adorned the costumes of Satine, Nicole Kidman's sexy character in Moulin Rouge.

On stage in a different way, over 50,000 Swarovski crystals stole the show at the 79th annual Academy Awards in 2007, forming a brilliant 34-foot curtain. 


Cinderella was never as radiant as she was in the 2015 release of Disney's live-action movie, where more than 1.7 million Swarovski crystals were used to embellish the costumes, jewelry, props, fairy godmother's wand and much more. But the biggest stars of all were the glass slippers - you guessed it, they were actually made by Swarovski out of solid pieces of crystal that had 221 stunningly gorgeous facets.  

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