Earrings are a particularly simple way to express your individual style since they are worn near the face and easily observed by others.  The availability of earring styles is never-ending and they are suitable for any occasion. Earrings are created from an enormous variety of materials.  Whether your style is daring or demure, Bohemian or classic chic, one-of-a-kind Lampwork earrings are a great way to show your originality and make your wardrobe stand out in a crowd.


pink lampwork earrings

Do you love to express your personality with unique jewelry?  Are you always looking for unique pieces to add to your collection?  Maybe you are looking for a special gift, with a special someone in mind.  Your friend or loved one will always appreciate a pair of handmade earrings, carefully chosen by you, especially for them!

What is Lampwork?  

Lampworking is the art of forming glass beads using a flame.  Since open flame has been used to create glass objects for centuries, there is no real way to know the age of the lampworking craft.  However, beads made from glass date back as far as Mesopotamian civilizations.  Other ancient glass artisans include early Romans, Egyptians, and early Islamic people in the Mediterranean. 

lampwork earrings

Lampwork beads are made by applying very high heat directly to colored glass.  The glass is then manipulated through a variety of techniques, as it is layered around a specially coated rod.  The finished beads are then used to create memorable jewelry items, for every desire.  When combined with high-quality crystals, such as those made by the Austrian company, Swarovski, the result is exquisite!

Contact us to find unique jewelry gifts, or to enhance your own style with our high-quality lampwork beads. Each carefully crafted piece is handmade in our own studio!

September 03, 2015 — SWCreations Jewelry

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