The Kashmir sapphire is renowned for its opulent history and powerful symbolism throughout the world. India's notoriety as the hotspot for the most decadent gemstones prevails throughout the world of jewelry. Beryls, pearls, rubies, and rose-cut diamonds lapped in 18-karat gold swirls, embellish their jewelry markets.

Brazil, Thailand, Burma, Australia, Vietnam, Montana, Africa, and Ceylon are ripe with prized sapphire mines too.

Kashmir Sapphire Properties 

Sapphire derives itself from the Greek term sappheiros, translating to 'blue stone'. This term signifies another remarkable blue gem, lapis lazuli. 

Kashmir is Sanskrit, and its etymology means "desiccated land". "Ka" references the water. Sapphires are mined from sediments due to their hardness and resistance to erosion and weathering.

On the Mohs scale, sapphires register at a pulverizing 9 for their hardness. Moissanite follows at 9.25 and the infamous diamond measures at a 10. 

Religious and Mythological Aspects


Kashmir sapphire gems were commonly associated with the Heavens because of their intense vitreous luster. Unknown to many, the stone was theorized as comprising the table of which the 10 Commandments were written. Clergymen in the Catholic Church wore sapphire jewelry to protect themselves from harm and evil.

Linguists state that "Kashmir" relates to Saturn. In astrology, Saturn represents the father and the lessons that must be learned when a sign is positioned in its planet or house. The fiery and strong gem definitely correlates in that regard.

Royalty and Their Adoration of the Kashmir Sapphire

Sapphire has a macabre past with royal figures. In fact, kings and queens often wore the gem to ward off poison and traitors who tried to dethrone them. 

In the context of royalty, religious ties are inevitable stories of the enigmatic sapphire. Solomon's Ring has puzzled historians, theologians, and gemologists for centuries.  


The ring of Solomon faces scrutiny and controversy. It is one of the most well-known pieces of jewelry, rooted in worldwide historical texts. In ancient books, King Solomon was one of the 48 prophets, possessing supernatural powers. Solomon's Ring is also the salvation that stops the apocalypse, yet the ring has never been unearthed.

Recently, Prince William's engagement and marriage to Kate Middleton marks a prophetic intrigue amongst those who believed that the sapphire has powers. Prince William proposed to Kate with the late Lady Diana's ring.

Advances In Technology

Sapphires are used in multiple types of laboratory equipment. They are also useful when it comes to infrared technologies and solid-state electronics such as hard drives. In an interesting twist, a hard drive made entirely of sapphires can last for 10 million years!

Nothing But Elegance

Despite its controversies, the captivating stone reigns in vibrant history and mysteries that delve into the beauty of nature. The stone encapsulates justice, purity, and grace in the hearts of its wearers. The properties both physically and culturally, illuminate how amazing mankind is. The stone is a symbol of invention and elegance. 

In one of my handcrafted beaded anklets named after this enchanting stone, I incorporated the magnificence of the blue stones surrounded by bold pearls.

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